Pay Per Sale (PPS)

you get 40% of the purchased premium accounts + 15% from rebills


you get 25% from the PPD rates, 25% of the purchased premium accounts + 5% from rebills

Pay Per Download (PPD) Rates per 1000 downloads

Upload files to earn money and cash rewards. is a simple to use website where you can earn money by sharing multiple files. It takes less than a minute to set up an account and start earning money by sharing files.

  • Every IP address can create 0.60 €
  • Minimum payout is 25 €
  • Payments are made via Bitcoin and any other crypto currency, Paypal
  • Payment Charges Will be deducted from user balance, if applicable.
  • We send payments within a couple of days.
  • You will be disqualified and banned if you try to manipulate our system

Tier / Length 0-50 MB 50-250 MB 250-512 MB 512-1024 MB 1024-* MB
Tier 1 €5€8€13€22€35
Tier 2 €2€4€7€11€17
Tier 3 €1€1€2€3€4
Tier 4 €1€1€1€1€1

Tier 1 Greece, Italy, Germany, United States

Tier 2 France, United Kingdom, Spain, Denmark, Cyprus, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, Norway

Tier 3 Russian Federation, China

Tier 4 All other countries